After Hours GP Helpline 1800 022 222

GP helplineHow do people use the helpline?

When a person calls the helpline, their call is answered by a registered nurse who triages the caller. If the nurse determines that the patient would benefit from speaking to a GP, the patient will then be transfered to a helpline GP. The GP talks with the person, assesses their condition, makes a diagnosis and provides medical advice. When callers are advised by either the telephone nurse or GP that they need to see a health professional immediately, they are referred to the most appropriate face-to-face after hours services in their local area.
If at any point during the caller’s conversation with either the nurse or the GP, the call is deemed to be an emergency, the caller is immediately transferred to ‘000’ with the nurse or GP staying on the line.
This service supports continuity of care for patients. With the caller’s permission, GPs who provide face-to-face after hours services, as well as the patient’s usual GP, are able to obtain a record of the consultation with the telephone GP.

Who should use the after hours GP helpline?

It is intended for people whose health condition cannot wait for treatment until regular general practice services are next available, cannot see their usual GP out of hours, do not know where to access after hours care or are not sure what they should do.
The after hours GP helpline is not intended for people with life-threatening conditions. People with such conditions should dial ‘000’ and/or attend an emergency department without delay. The service is not intended for people with non-urgent conditions that can effectively be treated by the person’s usual GP during normal working hours.

When can people call the helpline?

The helpline is accessible during the after hours period from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday, 6pm Friday to 8am Saturday, from 12 noon Saturday to 8am Monday, and all day on public holidays.