Fees and Payment

Keen Street Clinic is a private billing practice.

* Current as at 01 Nov 2019

Payment of account is required at time of consultation.

Payment can be made by cash, Credit Card, cheque or EFTPOS.

We have the ability to transmit your claim directly to Medicare so you receive your Medicare rebate back onto your EFTPOS card immediately.

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Fees and Payment

Non Attendance Fee

We ask that if you are unable to attend for your appointment that you notify the receptionist as soon as possible. If you do not cancel your appointment, you may be sent an account for non-attendance, currently $20.


Your doctor may ask you to have some tests or visit a specialist for further treatment or advice. These specialists, radiology and pathology providers may have different billing arrangements to ours. It is essential that you check what costs are involved prior to having tests or being seen by a specialist.

Transferring Medical Records

If you would like your medical records transferred to another doctor, our policy is that copies are forwarded directly to the doctor after written authorisation is received by/from the patient. Due to medico-legal reasons, we are unable to provide the original medical records.

A fee will be charged to cover the cost of photocopying the relevant information, postage and the doctors’ time in preparing the information in a format that is of assistance for the continuing care of the patient.

The fee is based on the time needed to prepare the file for postage. The minimum fee will be $20. Patients with an extensive medical history should expect to be charged at a fee greater than $20.00. Patients will be informed of the fee upon receipt of the request and pre-payment will also be requested before the medical records are released.